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To allow the scientific community to explore the possibilities, we launched in 2016 the first quantum computing platform on the cloud, the IBM Quantum Experience.Learn more Featured project IBM researcher Jeannette Garcia's accidental invention of a super-strong and fully biodegradable plastic could make today's environmental curse tomorrow's sustainable answer.All RAND programs adhere to the same commitment to high-quality, rigorous analysis and objectivity that has secured RAND's reputation for excellence.

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A comprehensive Spanish-language database, offering content from a variety of sources including 49,000 encyclopedia entries, more than 100,000 images, 2,500 health reports, a Spanish-English dictionary and full text for over 100 reference books and dozens of general interest magazines in a broad array of subject areas.

That’s why the Kern County Library offers Bilingual Events, such as Bilingual Storytime, where customers have the opportunity for polylingual social interaction and language learning.

At IBM Research, we’re relentlessly focused on using AI to augment human intelligence and decision-making, building cognitive systems that reason, draw insights and learn from data in ways no other organization can match.

Learn more Quantum computing is a radical new computing model that harnesses the power of nature to address problems unsolvable with today's systems.

Distributed ledger technology based on the IBM Research-backed Hyperledger Project has the potential to build trust into every transaction and remove barriers to doing business globally.

Learn more Today we are at the start of a new technological era fueled by artificial intelligence.

English-speakers and other language speakers alike are welcome and can benefit from participating.

Blockchain is poised to do for transactions what the Internet did for information.

At RAND, we share our research publications in digital format free of charge as a public service.

RAND disseminates the results of our work as broadly as possible to benefit the public good.

Auto Md is a comprehensive and unbiased free online auto repair resource.