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Because despite my outgoing nature, I hadn’t found a single love connection in my many years of dating (or lack thereof).

The mere logic of my situation persuaded me to at least consider the idea: As my 30th birthday approached, I decided to take a bold step.

Real connections might be few and far between, but simply meeting someone can be as easy as picking up my i Phone.

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I hung out with my girlfriends again, planned my 10-year high school reunion, tried my hand at surfing and explored the world in my kayak.After a year, a nice guy at a State Park helped me load my kayak onto my car and asked me out.If you have ever been on a date or in a relationship of any sort–a circumstance that, I assume, impacts a good number of people in the world–chances are good that you’ve complained about this date or relationship at some point or another, too. Anyway, a lot of people do complain about their dating and relationship issues on the Whisper app, and I am so happy that they do, because it has made my own life so much more exciting. So, check out these Whisper Confessions that just might make you want to quit dating forever: 1. When they’re, uh, a little too forthcoming about their sex life: Source 3. When/if something about a date is bothering you, you probably talk to your friends, your mom, your pastor, whatever, and air out your grievances on what exactly went wrong. But you probably don’t go and tell thousands of people about it on the Whisper app, an app that’s designed to anonymously share deep, dark secrets. When they drop this bomb on a first date: Source 4. When you date only to get in a relationship with someone only to have to go and…hang out with their friends: Source 6. ), in shape, have an interesting job, have interesting hobbies and tons of friends. I had a serious live-in boyfriend for several years in my early twenties, and so, while my single friends were out meeting men in bars and partying, I was picking out paint chips in Home Depot and installing new light fixtures in the house.

I didn’t have time to even worry about meeting men – I was too busy doing things that got tossed by the wayside while I was in that relationship.I’m a sucker for guys who are willing to carry things, so I said yes and we dated for a couple of months.There were no real sparks with the guy, but it was a nice introduction back into the world of dating.I wasn’t going to wait around to get blind sighted by my gift of singleness.I grabbed it from the shelf and wrote my name on it.I don't use dating apps much anymore; I'm in a different place in life right now.