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The women believed heroic Captain Morgan Travis was on the lonely hearts website looking for love Ms Smith said: 'Despite having obtained substantial sums of money he then decided to say Morgan Travis had been arrested for money laundering and requested money in the guise of Sergeant James Wayne who said he was a friend of Travis.'Despite discovering Morgan Travis was a lie dreamt up by a Nigerian man called Tosin Olasemo she continued an online relationship with him after telling her he had committed the fraud because he had borrowed money from Nigerian militants and now owed them money under pain of death.

Ms Smith said: 'Unfortunately she still felt an attachment to the defendant and stayed in contact for some time and sent him more money until a lady claiming to be the Danish wife of Olasemo contacted her.

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WHEN it comes to honour, Nathan Riddley and his team are willing to drop their workload for the sake of honouring their war fathers.

Nathan is a Rockhampton Bunnings Warehouse employee.

But now that we've experienced Rey and Finn's first adventure – and have so many, many questions that need answering - we are left with only one thing to do...... Still, at least we got our first look at Rey's Jedi training and her using the Force, a glimpse of Finn's recovery and a whole lot of darkness as a Resistance base finds itself under attack – with Poe in danger – and Luke Skywalker not being all that helpful. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. #The Last Jedi Sk Vw Qc MTP Hr Pgbs RJq— Star Wars (@starwars) January 23, 2017What does this mean?!

Is it referring to Luke – who was thought to be the last before Rey came along? Director Rian Johnson took to Twitter to clarify (a bit) what the title means.

While we all strive for the unconditional love promised to us by the arts, sadly we often settle for reality.

for several years from his six-year-old daughter’s mother - who has since passed away - Mr Adams said he met women who either didn’t want to help him with family responsibilities or were interested in his money.

Location: Sydney, NSW Married: September 2012 We were matched on the 10th December 2011, I saw Parker’s picture and profile and thought he was cute so I sent him an ice breaker.