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Throughout history, the deaf have been viewed as inadequate or inferior to those who hear.

"With increasing interest in ASL, there are simply not enough resources available to teach it on a widespread basis," he said.

"We at DCI see this as another opportunity to expand ASL use and deaf awareness in the Chicago area, and even throughout the state.

These incorrect conclusions would form biases that would last through the Middle and Dark Ages.

A prime example was that Roman law, a deaf persons was not allowed to own any property (17).

“Living with a disability may be daunting at times and can often be a significant challenge when working in unison with others,” he said.

“But a person with a disability has a driving force to work harder.

History shows the deaf were periodically seen as having demonic possession.

18 Century During the 18th Century, a French educator, named Charles-Michel de l’Épée noticed that deaf people were using hand signals to communicate with each other.

He studied their language, learned it, and helped bring awareness to the deaf community.

1750’s – Schools for the deaf were formed and children were brought there to be educated. Two movements concerning the deaf began to form; oralism and manualism.

Most are college students or have jobs related to social service.