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She looks great and is as successful as ever, so it’s no wonder younger men are lining up for a piece of this beautiful lady!

After splitting up with Ashton Kutcher, 34, last year, she has gone for an even younger model – Vito, 26. And they must have great chemistry, as they were seen looking hot and heavy at a birthday party in India.2) He is an art dealer Vito is a professional art dealer, based in New York city. Rosenblum, René Ricard, Vahkn Arslanian, Terence Koh, Dustin Yellin, Ron Gorchov and his father Julian Schnabel. And for all you younger men who are crushing over her, you’re in luck!!Demi’s ‘type’ seems to be the hunky younger generation. The 50-year-old Demi was caught exchanging ‘I love you’s not too long ago with the 31-year-old Harry Morton, but was then seen leaving yoga class with ANOTHER young man.He got there earlier and got everything set up, then she came and it was pretty hot and heavy right from there," an insider tells Us.

"They were making out almost all night and stayed there almost until close.

That’s when you open up your Teen Beat, you take him down, and put somebody else up.

I feel like I told my sister that at some point: "Gotta cross him off the list!

Will is clearly a passionate individual, and Demi seems to be enjoying every moment with him.

It’s not like Demi hooks up with all of the young guys she hangs around.

" data-reactid="23", ”She was in line and a Colbie Caillat song came on — she started singing along and dancing in a playful, flirty way.”After a romantic lunch, the pair stopped by the grocery store before heading back to their vacation house. They dined together at a friend’s house, hiked at the Steep Rock Preserve, and even attended a barbecue with friends!