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'From creating your own cave art to linking-live with NASA scientists, or presenting your own weather forecast, touring our rare books library or trying our science-inspired cocktail - check out what's on at Science Uncovered on or website and download the map showing you where everything is happening.'Or just come along and see what takes your fancy on the night.Each brought their own culture, their own language and their own way of doing things.As the power of each waned, armies withdrew, royal lineages died out and yesterday's conquerors became today's settlers, they left behind one indelible marker: the names they had given to places.In years gone by the majority of graffiti you would find on the streets of Croydon would be ugly tags, scrawled without permission and with no artistic merit whatsoever.

But that was before an incredble initiative which means Croydon now arguably has a reputation for being home to the best street art in Britain.

What we tend to overlook, though, is how often we were invaded before 1066.

Starting AD43, four main waves of invaders settled here: the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norsemen or Vikings and the Normans.

I see the potential of the area and I believe [it helps show that] people should invest in Croydon."2: Dotmaster's Astro Boy Where: Opposite Green Dragon House, on Croydon High Street Another piece in the Toy Town series, this was created by Brighton-based artist Dotmasters, who has taken part in The Cans Festival, which was hosted by Banksy.

The sheer size of this piece makes it one of Croydon's most unforgettable murals.3: David Hollier's Winston Churchill mural Where: Park Street Brooklyn-based artist David Hollier first left his mark on Croydon with a mural of Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia, who set off from Croydon to complete the record-breaking feat in 1930.

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