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If there is a surplus after all the company assets have been dealt with and the debts and liquidation expenses have been paid, then it will be distributed back to the shareholders.

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A liquidator is appointed when a company is placed into liquidation.The liquidator takes control of all the company’s unsecured assets, which are sold to repay the creditors.Careers – Year-round recruitment / registration scheme Established in 1993, Oak Lawn Marketing has been designing and delivering a large number of popular products through Shop Japan.We remain determined to continue contributing to customer lifestyles and bringing happiness.If the company goes into liquidation or the person enters a personal insolvency procedure, e.g.

bankruptcy, the guarantor will have to repay the creditor.

To enrich lifestyles worldwide, our staff come together from different backgrounds in mutual respect to establish organizational strengths which are not built by individuals acting alone.

Our Commitment to CSR – Promoting diversity We operate a system in which we openly listen to the voices of customers, swiftly incorporating the feedback into product development and operational improvements.

(There is a different guide if you want to wind-up a partnership).

Liquidation will stop the company doing business and employing people.

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