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Thankfully, being in love often allows for a certain level of flaw-blindness.

As time passes, however, and we regain our sight, reality kicks in.

"After the fact, they will admit that they don't want a relationship—but ask (AND SOMETIMES BEG) that we continue to hook up," she wrote. I found that a local zoo facility had a volunteer position and I love animals, so I applied and got accepted. When I had a new hobby in my life, it was time for me to work on myself and find my own independent happiness. This is why I consciously do not engage in anything sexual for a while.

"On top of all this, when I actually do engage, the sex I've been having feels really object-like—like there is zero intimacy and like it only benefits the male party.""Dating sucks. It does drive away a lot of guys, but I feel like those are just the ones I wouldn't want." —"Have a friend look at who you are agreeing to go on dates with because if it is happening all the time, you might not have the best filter.

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The 26-year-old describes meeting guy after guy who just wants casual sex, even when they seem super compatible on an emotional level—and even when they say they're looking for more than a hookup. Lots of dates I've been on are just poor excuses for one-night stands, and I believe a lot of people think this is the norm now. This filters out the ones who are just doing it to get laid." —"Girl, I feel you 100 percent.

Some eight to nine months after my last relationship ended, I ended up meeting a (sort of) co-worker of mine (sort of) through Tinder.

Do you enjoy comics and video games, or would you rather a night of clubbing or a day trip to a museum?

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I am [a 28-year-old woman], and when I was about your age, I gave up on dating because I had the same experiences as you. So here's what I propose: It's time for a break from dating. I was tired of it always sucking, so I just took a year off. I dated lots of guys through Tinder and never had an issue with this." —"What are your hobbies, interests?