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Maddy settles into the local school and her relationship with Spencer comes to an end.

Research interests include Quaternary fluvial system development and stratigraphy, fluvial geomorphology, geochronology, palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

I continue to work on Late Cenozoic fluvial system development in the UK (Severn, Avon and Thames) and Turkey (Gediz River, Western Turkey; Kura River, North-Eastern Turkey).

Since then, the site has gone from strength to strength, with thousands of people joining a month and many thousands of success stories.

Whilst our team has expanded over the years, we're still a family-run business, operating out of a converted barn on a farmyard in Northamptonshire, and pride ourselves on our friendly customer-service and the fact that we are the only independent dating site for genuine country-minded people.

Updating your profile will make it feature higher in searches and attract more people. Read More We are two sisters from a farming background, who have always had a passion for the countryside and the outdoors.

We're told that many of the best business ideas are developed in the pub, and this is where we were in 2006, mulling over the changing perception of online dating sites and their increasing popularity in urban areas, when we came up with the idea for Muddy Matches.

I am now embarking, before even a thought to the creative side, on raising £3,500 to help pay for venue hire and transport to Edinburgh.

Finding someone who shares your interests or lifestyle is important for lasting happiness.

Her outstanding performance was widely credited in the media as the deciding factor in the game's outcome.

We all know the crazy expenditure that comes with putting on a show at the Fringe: the endless calculations on scraps of paper trying to figure out if this is really feasible; the stress as you worry if you'll need to take on a third job or beg your ex to lend you a few quid; and the sleepless nights you wonder, if even Wonga couldn't make it happen, how in the name of high interest rates, will you?

She is taken in by Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham).