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Three years after they announced the end of their 25-year marriage, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will soon, finally be divorced.The pair -- whose marriage fell apart after revelations Schwarzenegger had an affair with a member of their household staff and fathered a son, now 16 -- filed for divorce in July 2011.“Law & Order” fans have long wondered if the chemistry between “SVU” stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni would ever extend beyond the precinct. “They’re going undercover as a married couple adopting a baby,” Baer said. In February, Baer debunked a report which suggested Meloni wouldn’t be around for the show’s upcoming twelfth season.

Detective Elliot Stabler was one of the most popular characters on the show.A married man with several children of his own, he occasionally took cases personally, displaying a violent temper.She learned how to shoot a gun—she's a good aim too—and said she's now adept at spotting pickpockets. Viewers will recall for 12 years she shared the screen with Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler.The actor left the show before season 13, riling fans of the beloved partners.I loved acting with him and I love him as a person." kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. She's got a new detective amongst the ranks and a new baby at home.

She's still taking care of foster baby Noah, but he's put in jeopardy in the season 16 premiere. This character has evolved, which is the most exciting part of it.When asked about him, Hargitay acknowledged Meloni's new claim-to-fame—having the best butt in Hollywood—and praised him as an actor and a person."I'm so grateful for my time with him," she says in the clip above. He is a truth-teller; he's committed to the truth at all costs.I loved his passion and commitment…He made me better and I love him.And that is unfortunate, because his wife recently decided to divorce him. And concluded she was an eleven on a coolness scale of ten. "Chris had them cut out so I could get my cycle onto his lawn."His-and-her motorcycles. On both sides, there was a common dream—a house with children. "Without a certain amount of money, there's stress," Chris says.Never anybody's idea of laid-back, he's now in a permanent funk, a darker rage. Meloni was in Los Angeles, acting in an HBO series he characterizes as "immensely forgettable." The production designer, however, was memorable in the extreme. She had short, bleached-white hair and cat's-eye sunglasses. "I know I'm definitely more relaxed with a couple of bucks in my pocket.And 16 years later, Harigtay is more in love with her job than ever before."I love her more now than ever...