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I spent several hours last night trying to make it work, and it seems operational, in time for arrival of Queen Mary 2.

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The picture, updated every 10 seconds, and, correspondingly, the Webcam page is reloaded every 10 seconds using Javascript.If you experience any problems viewing the webcam, post it here.Married dating new orleans Dating site cleveland Date-night place in years and myth of black white asian time i community know you are here make friends.Include inadequate levels of certain hormones in their bodies and it causes so much ignorance.The webcams listed below should provide a good view of Hurricane Sandy's arrival in New York City, on Long Island, and along the Jersey Shore.

If you know of other webcams we should add, email me or send me links on Twitter.And this isn't a webcam, but Instacane is a great, intimate view of how people are experiencing Sandy as documented on Instagram.(Thanks to Chris Ackermann for the tip.) It might also get interesting over at NSKYC, which displays the average color of the New York City sky, captured every five minutes.New Yorl Live HD Streaming Video Webcams Portal - Check out live New York city video streaming cameras on the No1 New York streaming cams direcyory - HERE This New York webcam at Times Square in the U. Just outside TGI FRIDAY'S there has been a woman standing to the left of the cam from the early hours to just after lunch time about 2 pm.The only times she has moved has been probably to go to the toilet, plus get herself a drink.Webcams date to an earlier era of the internet: the very first one, in 1991, was pointed at a coffee pot in a computer lab at Cambridge University.