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I am hopeful that's in my future, but it's not a certainty." Then he muses about the joys and challenges of being a single dad: The joy of being a single dad is getting the love of my son every single day...

and the biggest challenge is I put more guilt and pressure on myself because I am his only parent.

Hilton opens up about the road to fatherhood, revealing that “it wasn't a question of if, it was more a question of when” to have kids.Hilton discusses the steps necessary to becoming a gay single father and how it changed his life.The current relationship status of Perez Hilton is not known. is known for posts covering gossip items about celebrities.Hilton's angle on celebrity gossip includes an unapologetic desire to mingle with and be a part of celebrity culture.

He often describes celebrity awards shows, clubs, and private events he has attended, and posts photographs of himself with the celebrities he writes about under the "Personally Perez" category of his blog.

So now, on the subject of having a second child, it isn't as surprising when Perez says, "I would be blessed to have more children! " I wanted to get in-depth with the iconic blogger about the past year of his life as a single, gay dad living in New York and had the opportunity in a candid and thoughtful interview. It's not in his proactive framework to sit back and put off what he wants most. The 36-year-old decided not to wait for a husband to start his family.

He opens up about dating and relationships, the joys of parenthood, concerns about discrimination, balancing work and family, as well as the future sexual orientation talk with his son. In terms of a husband, the realization is, "I can't control when or if that will happen!

He is also known for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or "doodles".

His blog has garnered controversy for its attitude, its former outing of alleged closeted celebrities, and its role in the increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media.

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