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In this scary modern era of women getting high salaries for occupying useless paper-pushing jobs where they can torment people, it is refreshing to learn that there are occupations that can actually help us as men.Remember: the only person who cares about you is you. They are around naked bodies all day and are fascinated by them.Fantasies and giggles aside, there is a sad truth for uniformed personnel, where the often long hours and demanding nature of their roles can place a lot of extra strain on their relationships.

You could say that uniform-wearers are the ideal date for those seeking something serious – and for any single person who is looking for Mr or Ms Right, this information could be a game-changer!Let’s take in some other interesting factoids: In NSW, almost a third of Sydneysiders said that males in their medical garb were their preferred kind of uniformed professional, with nurses coming in a close second.However, (and luckily for all the other deserved uniformed workers), the survey showed that the appeal of “uniform dating” isn’t just limited to stethoscopes and bedside manner.After doctors, the most desirable male Sydneysiders in uniform were: Firefighters, Police, Pilots, Lifeguards, Nurses, Navy Officers, Paramedics (interesting! As for females in uniform, the list went: Nurse, Air Steward, Doctor, Police, Pilot, Firefighter, Airforce Officer, Lifeguard (oh, Pamela – forever etched on our minds), Navy Officer and then, Army Officer.You won’t get any squeamishness, whining, or half-stepping when you ask her to do new and unusual sex acts with you in bed. By working a real schedule, nurses have little energy to spend in destructive female pursuits like gossiping, scheming, or conniving.

Idleness is the root of much evil when it comes to girls.Nurses can’t really get away with the Fear, Sarcasm and Ridicule thing. Just because your chest is tight and your left arm hurts doesn’t mean you’re having a heart attack.” No, nurses have to use a thing most fighter pilots know nothing about, tact. My wife sent me this form that she and all the other nurses where she works were told to sign so that it could be put in their personnel folders. What is this, some happy-happy-joy-joy-boo-boo-kitty fantasy world? Veteran emergency room nurse Jackie Peyton navigates the traffic of Manhattan's All-Saints Hospital, embracing a subtle drug addiction and making tough and sometimes unethical and even illegal decisions for the "good" of her patients. Fitch "Coop" Cooper and begrudgingly training naïve and perky new Nurse Zoey, Jackie maintains an extramarital romantic relationship with pharmacist Eddie to assure her ready access to prescription medication.Jackie forges an organ donor authorization to make some good of a bike messenger's death, and punishes a violent sociopath with diplomatic immunity by flushing his severed ear down the toilet.The stats are in (and, drum roll…) Australia is a nation of uniform-lovers!