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Speaking at a School of Life event at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, the Schindler’s List actor railed against the “excessively commercial” side of the movie industry and mocked the blip in his film past.“It’s exciting to see a film for a new director, new performers and actors: there’s hope there,” he said.

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They are more impressed by business players than Hollywood types.” So just be careful gentleman; the next time a beautiful famous lady asks you for a business dinner, take your mother!

Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor. The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin.

John Hughes was originally set to direct from his own screenplay, titled "The Chambermaid" with Hilary Swank as the lead.

had a profound effect on me when I was a teenager, and my residual attraction to Ralph lasts to this day. Anyway, Ralph has two new interviews, likely to promote DETAILS: You reportedly indulged in some rock-star behavior [after the success of Schindler‘s List]. It doesn’t mean that you’ve let everything go to your head.

He’s still incredibly sexy (to me), but he’s also witty, funny, eccentric and weird. I think that what you call “rock-star behavior,” lots of people have indulged in.

And he just seems like the kind of man who would ruin you and ruin himself just to be with you. Of course, Ralph is a bit older now – he’s 49 years old. That didn’t upset me because it was just so not true and so badly set up.” “It was a business dinner that’s all,” a media insider tells me of Cooper and Lopez's "romantic" evening.“They went to Per Se, which is an amazing low key restaurant in New York and the next thing you know it's in the papers.When she was 16 and played Elizabeth Taylor’s handmaiden in the film Cleopatra, the experience changed her for ever.Far from making her star-struck, it helped her develop a radical streak.You always play dark, serious types or bad guys.” Then Maid in Manhattan came along. Ralph Fiennes: I wasn’t trying to scare him, but he saw me—I didn’t look like the Voldemort on the screen, but the child cried. Ralph Fiennes: I’m not very good at being domesticated. The domestic life I find claustrophobic—the rituals and habits and patterns.