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I’ve seen performance data that shows that long forms are better when split into multiple small forms, and other real-world data that proves the exact opposite.

There is no global right or wrong way to split, or not split, a long form but there is an answer for your market, demographic and your site that you can find through testing.

However some users will abandon when they see that too many steps are required.

When does a form become too long, and how many steps should you split it in to?Some of the sites were smarter about requesting and calculating information and reducing the burden on the user.On paper these sites will have a lower abandonment rate, and higher form conversion rate.In this blog I share the smart ways to improve a long form, along with other tips on how to improve conversion rates for forms that are of a significant size.Long forms kill conversion rates as users will abandon them because they believe significant effort is required.Move country regarding personality disorder, and now know what this is called.