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Fifteen women ran for the 50 open seats in Kuwait's 65-member parliament, but only one won: Safa Al Hashem, whose reelection keeps her as the only woman in the legislative body.

Her status as Kuwait's sole female MP illustrates the legislative body's struggle to diversity a decade after the nation first allowed women to seek office.

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Yet when it comes to female representation in parliament, the country has a poor record compared to others."There’s a stigma against women participating in public life because they haven’t really done it that much," Courtney Freer, a researcher at the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics, told Kuwaiti women's representation in parliament has actually fluctuated quite a bit since they first were able to participate.

Women held four parliamentary seats in 2009, before dropping to three in 2012, and one in 2013.

In its weekend election, the tiny oil-rich nation of Kuwait had the opportunity to substantially boost the share of women in its parliament.

And like Americans earlier this month, its voters failed to deliver those big gains.

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The victory for Al Hashem, a 52-year-old liberal politician, marked her third parliamentary victory—a record among the limited ranks of women who have served Kuwait as MPs.