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Respect also involves attempting to understand and affirm the other's emotions.Trust and Support - Supporting each other's goals in life, and respecting each other's right to his/her own feelings, opinions friends, activities and interests. Honesty and Accountability - Communicating openly and truthfully, admitting mistakes or being wrong, acknowledging past use of violence, and accepting responsibility for one's self.

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Economic Partnership - In marriage or cohabitation, making financial decisions together and making sure both partners benefit from financial arrangements.

Negotiation and Fairness - Being willing to compromise, accepting change, and seeking mutually satisfying solutions to conflict.

"Teen Dating Bill or Rights" from If you agree with the eleven statements above sign this and make a pledge to yourself to stick to it!

Healthy relationships are characterized by respect, sharing and trust.

In addition to the telephone hotline there is a text feature, and a live chat option, which allows teens to connect to trained peer advocates via the web.

loveisrespect peer advocates are trained to offer crisis intervention, advocacy, and information and referrals.At the same time, older teens, even those who have begun dating, can greatly benefit from this talk with you.To get this critical conversation started, try sharing and reviewing the Teen Dating Bill of Rights and Pledge (adapted from Love Is Respect.org) together, then ask your child to consider signing off on it.For more tips and information on teen dating, visit Bill Maher, who this week took a victory lap after the unraveling of conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, is is under fire for a 1998 episode of his former ABC late-night show, in which he defends a thirtysomething teacher in jail for having had sex with a 12-year-old student with whom she got pregnant.- Not be controlling or manipulative in my relationship.