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An actor appearing in an alcove on an unfinished set in CPT's Gordon Square Theatre delivers each message. Another is from a bubbly girlfriend, calling about trying on dresses for prom. She has to remember to turn in the proper paperwork for an upcoming dental surgery, one in a seemingly endless succession of operations to repair the skin and teeth and bone blown apart by a shotgun blast.

Johanna: Facing Forward What: A Cleveland Public Theatre production of the world-premiere play written and directed by Tlaloc Rivas. Juan Ruiz, the boy she once loved, had pulled the trigger.

He was very good looking and many girls wanted to be his girlfriend.He never had many friends who were guys and he wasn't into sports.I wasn't ready to sleep with him, and for a whole year he waited, I thought he really loved me because he never pressured me into it. By this time he knew all about my family situation and he manipulated me so easily.He seemed to understand and be on my side, telling me to move out and have nothing to do with them.Based on the Plain Dealer series "Johanna: Facing Forward" by Rachel Dissell and the journals of Johanna Orozco. "Great," says director and playwright Tlaloc Rivas.

Approximate running time: Two hours, including one 15-minute intermission.The characters of Ruiz and Orozco address the court, as did their real-life counterparts. Please forgive me - I never meant to harm any of you." As Orozco, Benites stands. "It's not apologetic at all." The director is pleased. But Rivas' play is not about the boy who fired the shot and shattered a girl's heart. "This story haunted me for several years before I actually, like, got the gumption to say, 'Hey, I'm Tlaloc. As always, Dissell - who, along with Plain Dealer photographer Gus Chan, appears as a character in the play - responded with caution.Ruiz, played by Jason Estremera, gives a short, stilted statement - "Please forgive me for everything I have done. "I wrote a poem for Juan," she says, before launching into her speech. Before rehearsal earlier that day, and in interviews in preceding months as he worked on "Johanna," Rivas explained his process - and his fascination with the story of the girl who refused to be defined by her scars. The real-life drama had all the ingredients the playwright was looking for: Not only did it feature a Latino girl, but it was also set "in Cleveland, in the Midwest, and not in New York or L. It wasn't the first time someone had contacted her wanting to dramatize Orozco's life.After a few months, he didn't want me to do anything with my friends.He was possessive and jealous and would make fun of anyone who was my friend."It was my first real relationship, and I felt important and special," Chloe says.