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It's just I'm a straight man who got a little bit of style so they just say, "He's gay."Exactly! I have more fun hanging out with him than I do my straight friends because he's got style, he's got flavor. Who exactly is the "hater" who painted you with the How You Doin' brush? Is it Superhead who caught him in bed with Big Tigger?

I can take him shoe shopping with me and my girl, we know we're getting the best advice. As soon as people see me, "Oh, he's gay." I'm like, well, I don't have that much flavor. Is it Wendy, who has long thought he is a queen and told him: "I know how you roll, Tyson.

Further Tyson is stating that Shanina’s success is due to the fact that they are dating and he also states that he made her the way that she is now.

The 20-year-old, who donned a black jacket over a long T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and black boots, looked nervous as Campbell, 44, who was spotted in a black T-shirt that read 'Fashion Against Ebola', put her arm around his shoulder while posing for a photograph.The fashion show was held to raise money for the Ebola crisis.#Tyson Beckford came to The Shade Room to clear some things up.Tyson commented under an aspiring model's picture and told him that "Fashion is not for everyone" and to not "Quit his day job" (see earlier post).He states that there are people claiming that Tyson Beckford girlfriend can do better than him, but he then notes that he created her.

Tyson spoke to BET's Clay Cane about his reality show (“Make Me a Supermodel") and tries to debunk the legendary -- and plentiful -- gay rumors by saying he's dating a mysterious woman. The thing I get all the time is, "Oh, he's gay, he gotta be!

Justin, 20, wore a black jacket over a long tee, a pair of washed out blue jeans and black boots.

He looked nervous as Naomi, 44, who donned a black tee that read 'Fashion Against Ebola', put her arm around his shoulder while posing for a picture.

Somehow, Beckford actually caught wind of the image, and when he saw it, he let the guy know that he’s too short to model and shouldn’t quit his day job: Beckford would later try to explain why he was seemingly so harsh, and he said that he was just trying to save the guy a trip to a modeling agency that would inevitably reject him.

When someone criticized him for also being cold to “America’s Next Top Model” winner Keith Carlos and just being jealous of anyone who could come for his spot, Beckford claimed that Carlos doesn’t “respect fashion” and is out here trying to flash his junk at folks.

mentor Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford, Iman, Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, and Bridget Moynahan.