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Many distributions then combine these compiled binaries into so-called packages, resolving dependencies and providing everything needed to install.This is the granularity at which typical distributions deploy their software, enabling system administrators to install and update each package individually or as a set, using tools such as “yum” and “apt-get.” Architecture does things a bit differently.Updating Linux CNC for example from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1 and your PC is connected to the internet is an automatic process.

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Linux*-based operating systems contain the code of several hundred, if not thousands, of open source projects.

To make this manageable, distributions use a concept called “packages” to configure and compile the source code of these projects into binaries, which can then be logically installed.

Major projects offer a graphical user interface where users can select a package and install it with a mouse click.

These programs are front-ends to the low-level utilities to manage the tasks associated with installing packages on a Linux system.

To update a BIOS or network card firmware in Linux traditionally meant rebooting into Microsoft Windows, or preparing a MSDOS floppy disk (!

) and hoping that everything would work after the update.While we use the concept of packages to manage compiling source code into installable binaries, we do not deploy software through packages as many distributions do.Instead, we provide “bundles” that each contain a set of functionality for the system administrator There is another notable difference between package-based distributions and the Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture.Now that we have UEFI as a boot mechanism it's much more important to update firmware on devices, as these updates can fix serious security bugs.Periodically searching a vendor website for updates is a manual and error-prone task and not something we should ask users to do.To update without a network connection you need to download the deb then install it with dpkg.