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The villa includes 12 bedrooms, long halls, a church, two kitchens, dining areas, caretaker's apartment, 10 bathrooms, original interior doors and new windows. The private gardens feature a lake which is fed from a 200m deep well providing irrigation so the grass is even green and golf-course standard in the hot summer months.The covered swimming pool measures 14x7m - the pool water is heated as well as the air and under the floor. The garden is completely walled in by a 600m wall that has been fully restored.The natural underground water system that provides the lake with constant warm waters, also feeds a most precious and best kept secret treasure: our private lake.

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The original factory-owner’s villa, dating back to 1921, marks the third project fronting the entrance street. meters of space have been converted to use as a conference and customer center.

The primary strategy in its restoration has been one of clearing out of extraneous additional elements to recover the original floor plan.

The Villa, which is also the main building, was the first to be restored together with the adjacent buildings where it is still easy to identify the original layout of this noble holiday home, with decorated high ceiling rooms and halls, the private chapel and the servants’ quarters.

A separate building within the property has been restored in recent years to give room to six holiday apartments where the simplicity of Tuscan country life is enhanced by refined artistic elegance.

Dark parquet flooring and a unified color concept underscore the distinguished character of the house.

A series of minimal flush lighting elements are set into the walls offering a startlingly abstract architectural element contrasting the historical details of the house.Its position allows you to reach the historic centre quickly but offers peace and quiet when you want to relax. Admire the unique views of the Amalfi Coast and Cilentana with the giddy sensation of being suspended between the sky and the sea. Villa Maria Luigia, belonging to the Amendola family, is the result of a careful and refined renovation of an elegant villa dating back to the 900's.The villa, with its wonderful views, is situated just a short distance from the centre of Amalfi away from the chaotic Piazza Duomo.Beautiful property fully restored to an extremely high standard, in a beautiful, calm position with views over the Alps and rolling hills dominated by castles and ancient villas, but in a location within easy reach of the vibrant surrounding world that is the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero - all of which are on its doorstep. Originally a fortress, then rebuilt in 1200 and used as a convent, then as a private dwelling.