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Starzh, a member of rising pop group Franklin Lake, boasted that the pair 'used tongues' during their tryst and revealed he boasted to pals that he'd kissed a 'woman old enough to be his mum''Just a silly moment': A representative for Zoe has spoken out about the pictures, stating that the kiss with Starhz (right) 'was nothing more than a silly moment at a Christmas party that meant absolutely nothing'Zoe previously made headlines in 2003 when she confessed to having an affair with DJ Dan Peppe, causing her to briefly split from husband Norman, with whom she has children Woody, now 15, and Nelly, five.

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She tweeted: ‘Brb just going to go and read up on whats going on in my love life atm.’ The singer was referring to rumours that she and the Mc Fly bassist had got back together.They were reportedly spotted on a date where they were ‘all over each other’ according to Heat mag.I can't think of any of my friends or family who have been through a break-up and actually thought, 'That was all right'.I am just grateful I am in a time in my life when I'm completely preoccupied with the tour and seeing my fans every night."If I wasn't on tour it would have been a great deal harder. I have been trying to take my mind off it by watching things and reading.that she'll be taking some time out of the music industry next year following her split from the Mc Busted member."I'm not writing new stuff. Ellie went on: "My plan is to have a month off in August and do more of my charity stuff and then next year I need to live a bit. My situation has changed."Speaking about the effect that her break-up has had on her decision, she explained: "People think I'm invincible but these past few weeks have been tough."I'm not in a relationship any more and that's been hard.

Having a break will be a good thing for me and my head.""But I think for me and anybody else going through the same thing, it's really important to get to know yourself, be happy with your own company and like yourself.She later explained: ‘I remember turning up one day looking at the clock and trying to say it’s ten past seven – and all the words came out in the wrong order.': Quit alcohol on New Year's Day following a party of 'total carnage'.Speaking back in 2010, the former radio presenter revealed: 'I sat sobbing, knowing if I didn't stop I'd end up in a mental home.A source told the Sun Online: "Ellie and Dougie were hanging out in the ceremony area after it had finished and most people had left."They continued: "Dougie was being very attentive and lent in to hug his ex and kiss her on the cheek before they headed towards the exit together.They walked separately but were very friendly and amicable with each other."This comes after both Ellie and Dougie have both spoken in the past about their continued friendship after their break-up. I need time off for my own head," she told the paper.Not just any old ants - the typically small, crawly ones that get into your sandwiches at the park and nibble your ankles, but great big flying ones.